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10 steps to find real estate clients!

Posted by Rocsana on July 4, 2021

If you’re considering breaking into the real estate field—or if you’re an established real estate agent working in a new area—it can be a struggle to find clients. To begin:

Specialize in selling a specific type of real estate. For example: One specific neighborhood or small city suburb.Townhomes and condos.Old homes in historic neighborhoods. It’s your choice

Contact owners who are trying to sell their own homes. When speaking or emailing with the owners, say something like: “I understand that you’re most likely avoiding working with a real estate agent to avoid paying commission. I wanted to let you know that selling your house through an agent can dramatically speed up the sale process.”

Hang fliers advertising your real estate business. While they may seem old-fashioned, fliers will grab the attention of any potential clients who pass by. Flyers should include:Your name, telephone number, and email.A brief description of your real estate experience. A brief note describing the type of home you’d like to sell and the amount of money they would be worth.

Create a website for your real estate business. A website is a must for any beginning real estate agent since many new clients will search by Googling “real estate agents in my area” online. Link a couple of real estate listings, and a way for potential clients to contact you.

Create one or more professional social media accounts. Make an account for your real estate business on websites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Whenever you find out about a new property to list, post its information on all social media accounts.

Send out online announcements to potential clients. Through email, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, type something like: “I recently started working in real estate and would love to help you sell your current house or purchase a new home. If you’re not interested in purchasing or selling a house, feel free to pass on to me the name of anyone you know who may be interested.”

Network with friends and family to find clients. Networking can begin small: ask a few close friends and family members if they are thinking of moving. Then, branch out a little: maybe your friends and family know other potential clients who are thinking about buying or selling a house.[7]Say something like, “If you’re not interested in buying or selling a house yourself, can you think of anyone else who might be? Maybe a friend of yours from school or work?:)

Network with people around you! They may be interested in working with a real estate agent to purchase or sell a property. Think about places you spend time on a weekly basis: People at your church, gym, golf club, barber shop, Parents of your children’s friends or Old school friends.

Distribute business cards to potential clients. Then, when you are networking with a potential client, you can hand them a business card. Even if they’re not initially interested, they may change their mind and contact you. Try making a personal goal to hand out 10 cards every day. (Cold call or send a postcard to potential clients.) Once you’ve begun to build up a small database of potential clients, you can begin to reach out directly. In your phone conversation, say something like: “Hi, this is Rocsana. I’m an Estate Agent and thought of you as a potential client. Are you interested in buying or selling a home? If that’s something you’d be interested in, why don’t we set up a time to chat face-to-face.”

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