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What you should Ask Your Landlord Before You Sign A Lease

Posted by Dev on July 4, 2021

Before you sign a lease on your next apartment, make sure you read it carefully and fully understand what’s included in it. Here are some important questions you want to make sure your lease answers:

  • When is rent due, and is there a grace period?
  • What are the payment options, and what is the late fee?
  • How long is the apartment lease, and what happens after the lease ends?
  • What utilities and routine maintenance will your rent include? What about maintenance issues?
  • What fees they will charge if you end your lease early
  • Are you allowed to sublet your apartment as an alternative?
  • Is your deposit fully refundable?
  • Ask if you can have roommates before signing a lease
  • Are there landlord inspections, and how often are they?

Prepare your questions in advance and you will be able to sign an apartment lease confidently and be ready financially for your new home!

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